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You can take 10 years off your face without plastic surgery by using the right anti-aging products. 

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Laennec Placenta IV Japan - 10 ampoules
LAENNEC PLACENTA  by Japan Bio Products (JBP) Co 2ml/ampoule 10 ampules per tray   ..
$85.00 USD
Lucchini Placenta Injection - 10 ampoules (1 tray)
LUCCHINI PLACENTA  Injection from SWITZERLAND 10 ampules/tray 2ml per ampule INTRAMUSCULA..
$60.00 USD
LAENNEC Placenta Extract IV - 50 ampoules
Human placenta extract is a very safe and effective treatment for a variety of ailments as well as b..
$390.00 USD
Lucchini Placenta - 50 ampoules (1 box)
LUCCHINI PLACENTA 50 ampoules per box / 5 trays 10 ampules/tray 2ml per ampule INTRAMUSCULAR A..
$290.00 USD
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