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Ever Bilena Cosmetics 

Ever Bilena Cosmetics celebrates true Beauty of the Filipina! Guided by the belief that every woman should be as beautiful as she can be, Ever Bilena Cosmetics different lines of color cosmetics and skin care give every Filipina the chance to be at their best all the time.

Regardless of where you are, you can now find cost-effective easy solutions to nearly every make up requirement with styles from the Philippine’s most trusted brand, Ever Bilena, from MAGIC POTIONS Online Beauty Shop ( Official online distributor Worldwide )

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Arbutin Cream 10g
Arbutin Cream 10g One of the most powerful whitening ingredients in the market today.  ..
$5.00 USD
Arbutin toner  - 60ml
Arbutin toner  60ml Whitens and tones skin. With continues use this will give you clea..
$4.00 USD
Asudjor Bikini Area Whitening Cream (15g)
Asudjor Bikini Area Whitening Cream  (15g) Effective skin care for groin. Asudjor whiteni..
$6.00 USD
Ettas Compact Skin  Bleaching Powder  112g
A pre-mixed skin whitening beauty aid in a single powder form. The effective skin whitening for dark..
$12.00 USD
Glutathione Cream for Skin Whitening  10g
Glutathione cream whitens face and removes darks spots. Get clear smooth healthy glowing skin. ..
$5.00 USD
Glutathione Soap - skin whitening and antibacterial - 150g
Glutathione Antibacterial Whitening Soap Whitening soap that also makes skin moisturized, smoothe..
$5.00 USD
Green Peeling Oil 10ml
Green Peeling Oil  10ml Green peeling oil helps in lightening dark areas like elbows, knees..
$4.00 USD
Kojic  Cream  10g
Kojic acid cream is formulated to whiten face, especially those stubborn dark spots. Skin Whiteni..
$5.00 USD
Love Me Ultimate Facial Cream
  Love Me Ultimate Facial Cream 30g -  Helps lighten skin -  Smoothens s..
$35.00 USD
Rejuvenating Cream - 10g
Rejuvenating cream 10g Dermatologist tested Works best on scars, acne/pimple marks and dark s..
$5.00 USD
Ultra  Whitening Underarm and Bikini toner - 60ml
Ultra whitening Underarm and Bikini toner - 60ml A combination of two known powerful whitening in..
$8.00 USD
Ultra Whitening Underarm and Bikini Serum - 15ml
Ultra Whitening Underarm and Bikini Serum - 15ml A combination of two known powerful whitening in..
$8.00 USD
White Magnolia Treble Activating Skin Extract 100g
Removes dead skin & dead cuticle and make your skin tender and white. ..
$6.00 USD
Whitening Cream  4 in 1 -  10g
4 in 1 Whitening Cream -  10g A very potent whitening cream formulated  with the combin..
$4.00 USD
Magic Potions Rice Bran Extra Whitening Body Scrub (Lulur Scrub) 100g
Magic Potions Rice Bran Extra Whitening Body Scrub (Lulur Scrub) 100g Gently exfoliates the skin ..
$8.00 USD
Underarm Whitening Set
Magic Potions Underarm Whitening Set Underarm Whitening Deodorant 60ml Underarm Whitening Toner ..
$18.00 USD
Orange Peel Shower Beads - 60g
Regenerates, Firm and Whiten your skin This exclusive preparation is of highest quality and conta..
$0.00 USD
Ultra Whitening Deodorant Roll-on - 60ml
Ultra Whitening Deodorant Roll-on 60 ml Controls perspiration, Whitens underarm safely and fi..
$10.00 USD
Kojic Soap - 150g
Kojic Acid Whitening Soap 150g Facial and body soap that whitens skin and removes blemishes. T..
$5.00 USD
Amira Magic Moisturizing & Skin Whitening Soap
Authentic Amira Magic Moisturizing and Skin Whitening Soap  with Wheat Germ Oil and ALPHA-ARBUT..
$5.00 USD
8 in 1 Ultra Whitening Soap  150g (Glutathione, Arbutin, Kojic, Licorice, Milk, Vitamin C..
$5.00 USD
Bikini Whitening Set
  Magic Potions' Bikini Whitening Set Bikini Whitening Soap 150g Bikini Whitening Toner ..
$12.00 USD
Original DK Active White Soft Capsule
Original DK Active White Soft Capsule Nourish skin. Resist UV rays. Reduce wrinkles and freckles...
$10.00 USD
Kojic Lotion  - 120 ml
Kojic Skin Whitening Lotion  120 ml   Body Lotion which, whitens and removes blemis..
$6.00 USD
Glutathione Lotion for Skin Whitening - 120ml
Glutathione in a topical lotion formulated with L-Glutathione, a reduced form of glutathione that re..
$6.00 USD
Amira Skin Whitening Lotion plus Firming - 125ml
Amira Skin Whitening Lotion plus Firming - 125ml Amira skin Whitening Lotions plus Firming cont..
$10.00 USD
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