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Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps

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Dorlene Herbal Virginity Soap
Yoko Virginity Liquid Soap  250ml   Yoko Virginity liquid soap is a gentle cleanser..
$4.00 USD
Oatmeal Soap - 150g
Oatmeal Face and Body Soap 150g Discover Oats: The secret for healthier-looking skin. Relieves..
$5.00 USD
Yoko Virginity Herbal Soap - 80g
This soap is especially formulated to clean the most sensitive part of a woman without leaving any r..
$5.00 USD
Yoko Virginity Liquid Soap - 250ml
Yoko Virginity Liquid Soap  250ml   Yoko Virginity liquid soap is a gentle cleanser..
$10.00 USD
Glutathione Antibacterial Whitening Soap
Whitens skin in just short period of time. Makes skin moisturized, smoother and healthier. 150g ..
$5.00 USD
Kojic Soap - 150g
Kojic Acid Whitening Soap 150g Facial and body soap that whitens skin and removes blemishes. T..
$5.00 USD
8 in 1 Ultra Whitening Soap  150g (Glutathione, Arbutin, Kojic, Licorice, Milk, Vitamin C..
$5.00 USD
Magic Potions Anti-Imperfection Argan Soap
Magic Potions Anti-Imperfection Argan Soap  100gms Anti imperfection Non-roasted Extra Vi..
$5.00 USD
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Bleaching Soap - 150g
Bleaching Facial and Body Soap 150g This soap is the best in whitening your face and body ..
$5.00 USD
Magic Potions All-in-One Whitening Soap - 100g
Magic Potions All-in-One Whitening Soap - 100g A very effective whitening and moisturizing soap. ..
$5.00 USD
Yoko Milk Soap - 90g
Yoko Milk Soap  90g This smoothly textured soap is made from natural milk enrich with vitam..
$4.00 USD
KOJIC ACID WHITENING COMBO - High Quality Derma formulated and Tested 2  Kojic Acid Soap - ..
$15.00 USD
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