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EasySLIM Slimming Cream 250ml

EasySLIM Slimming Cream 250ml
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Use it and Lose it! Lose the flabs and be fab!!!

EasySLIM Slimming Cream 250ml 

If you are looking for a natural way to smoothen cellulite bumps, this is the product for you. It promotes collagen synthesis and skin elasticity while providing much needed hydration for your skin. EasySlim Slimming Cream uses a blend of all natural, plant based ingredients that are proven to effectively help tone, smoothen and firm loose, flabby, cellulite-ridden skin. This formula helps get rid of toxins, leading to a smoother, younger and softer skin. 

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Water, glycerin, jojoba oil, free fatty acids, coffee bean extract, seaweed extract, chilli extract, coconut oil, wax mutton fat acid, fat acid, methyl ethyl thiazole moiety ketone, essence


Gently apply the cream on your body, concentrating on problem areas. Massage with a sweeping motion for 15 minutes to let the skin absorb the overall benefits of this product.

Caffeine fights cellulite by working to tighten blood vessels, the longer you massage, the sooner you will see improvement.

Apply regularly because consistency is the key.

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