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What is Glutathione?

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What is Glutathione?


Glutathione (GSH) is your body A.I.D. (A-antioxidant, I- immune system, D- detoxifier). It is a small protein molecule formed from the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. It is produced normally by the body in response to today's environment such as pollution in the air we breath, water we drink, chemicals & pesticides in the food we eat that cause damages in our cells & system.

Glutathione is often referred to as Master Anti-oxidant in the body.

Small molecule made up of linked amino acids and anti-oxidant naturally produced in the body. It has been widely heralded for its importance for good health and long life. Glutathione in increased dose posts an remarkable good 'side effect' such as SKIN WHITENING".

Its skin whitening regimen has been widely used in Asia and has been reported to be the Asian Most Prescribed Oral Skin Whitener among the skin whitening products. And often referred to as bleaching pill, bleaching capsule, whitening pill or whitening capsule. There is no question at all because its already been proven that L-Glutathione is really effective in whitening the skin for it works by reducing the melanin formation safely. There are several L-Glutathione preparations in the market but not all can really guarantee a good result.

The greater the exposure to toxins, the faster the body uses up its supply glutathione. Without the protection of Glutathione, cells die at a faster rate, making people age quicker & putting them at risk for toxin induced diseases including cancer.

Glutathione is considered to be the most powerful, most versatile, and most important of the body's self-generated antioxidants. Among glutathione's many important properties are:
  1. Is found in almost all living cells. The liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, and the lens and cornea, have the highest
    concentrations in the body.
  2. It is a powerful antioxidant and thus neutralizes free radicals and prevents their formation
  3. Important role in immune function via white blood cell production and is one of the most potent anti-viral agents known
  4. It is one of the strongest anti-cancer agents manufactured by the body,
  5. Glutathione is able to reduce oxidized Vitamin C and Vitamin E back to their unoxidized state,
  6. It is used by the liver to detoxify many toxins including formaldehyde, acetaminophen, benzpyrene and many other
    compounds and plays a key role in Phase I and Phase II detoxification reactions
  7. It is an antioxidant necessary for the protection of proteins; is involved in nucleic acid synthesis and plays a role in DNA
  8. It maintains the cellular redox potential
  9. Glutathione levels decrease with age. It is involved in cellular differentiation and slows the aging process
  10. Protects the integrity of red blood cells
  11. Glutathione is involved in maintaining normal brain function
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