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Gemli Glutathione Hydrolyzed Collagen Whitening & Anti-Aging Cream
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Gemli Glutathione Hydrolyzed Collagen Whitening & Anti-Aging Cream

Especially formulated to prevent/eliminate wrinkles, moisturize and remove darkspots. Achieve ageless & spotless beauty with Gemli.

(One day cream & one night cream, 20g each)


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Gemli L-Glutathione with Hydrolyzed Collagen Skin Whitening Lotion with SPF 25 - 260ml
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Sanli Glutathione Sheep Placenta Extract Soap - 135g
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Sunny Time Sunblock Cream SPF90 - 80g
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Each box contains two creams, 1 day and 1 night cream. 20g each.

This formulation is especially designed to suit all skin types. It stimulates skin’s metabolism. Easily absorb into skin to give moisture and suppleness without the greasy feel.

Helps reduce wrinkles, freckles and remove fine lines. Clears facial spots, it whitens skin and contracts expanded pores. Continuous use heals and eliminates scars.

It is anti-aging and helps promotes skin elasticity with daily application it will give velvety soft and youthful appearance.