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JAPAN HOKKAIDO Slimming Pills - 40 capsules
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400mg x 40 capsules

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Slimina Slimming Orange Juice
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Magic iLASH Eyelash Enhancer Serum
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Thousand of years ago, the medical value was officially approved in Japan. Based on the Chinese traditional composite formula, Japanese researches on Chinese Formula developed the weight reduction formula for the eastern. It is verified by its medical featured and practical demonstration that it can meet the demand for perfect body figure. The accuracy of its ingredients and their contents guarantee the perfect figure construction effects.

Pill for weight reduction / aimed at the waist, abdomen, hip, thighs and face where fat always accumulates. Its specific Fat Consumption Formula is amimed at the accumulation of fat, accelerate the catabolism of fat, as well as promote the discharge of night stool and fat, and reduce fat, for weight reduction without worry

Ingredients :

Dill Extract: Intensify the functioning efficiency of the body, improve the catabolism if fat, and reduce the accumulation of fat.

Chinese rose extract, trumpet creeper extract: Improve metabolism and promote the consumption of fat.

Evening primose extract, lotus: Reduce the excessive absorption of fat, promote the discharge of night stool and fat, and reduce weight.

Functions : weight reduction

Dosage : two pills a time, once daily. Before breakfast with clear water.