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 Why wear makeup?

We are all blessed with natural beauty and maintaining to look and feel natural is totally fine. However, because we have different personalities, we have a different take on beauty. We have different levels of appreciation and we have different reasons for using cosmetics. Most women consider this as beneficial and here are some of the reasons:

It’s fun! Adding colors to face is relaxing that may eventually become a hobby. Changing your looks, even if you are not attending a party and no occasion to celebrate, is like playing because you experiment and make use of your creative mind using pretty colors of makeup. Using a bit of imagination and artistry, you can transform yourself to just anybody. Be prepared to wear your costumes too!

It boosts your confidence. Cosmetics hide imperfection. If you have dark spots and other skin problem, covering the same with makeup is the simplest solution. No need for surgery or buy expensive skin lightening treatments.

Makes an impression. When applying for a job and you want to look fresh, yet professional, wearing an appropriate makeup that matches your corporate attire is a perfect way to make an impression that you are prepared and deserve the job that you are applying for.

To enhance the looks. Not because you do not like the way you look, but because you want to enhance the best features that you are blessed with, you use cosmetics. Everybody wants to look and feel attractive to the opposite sex, wearing a bit of a makeup will somehow improve your chance to get noticed.

It is an act of self-care. Nobody has the right to judge you just simply because you are wearing makeup. Apply some because you want to, because you can and because nobody said so. If you feel good wearing it, then by all means, use some.

How to choose the best cosmetics?

Hundreds of thousand brands are available in the market. How would you know the best product for your skin? Know your skin health. You should know if you have an allergy to a certain ingredient. That is why reading the labels of a cosmetic product is important. Next, always ask for an assistance when trying a new one. Ask for an opinion on which color matches your skin and the product that will enhance the best features of your face. Lastly, always choose a branded product. Quality comes first to be sure that your skin is always safe from suffering adverse reactions.

Where to buy?

Buying cosmetics is an investment. Some may be pricey, but you are assured that you will not suffer from a damaged skin after use. You are guaranteed that it is made from safe and quality ingredients that will never harm your skin. And because I mentioned the importance of buying quality products, you should take into consideration the stores or shops that offer this kind of products. There are several trustworthy sellers even on the internet. When buying online, always check the reputation of the website so you will not fall victim of scams that offer cosmetics with substandard quality.