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Derma and Skin Care

Skin is our first line of defense against pollution, damaging UV rays from the sun and even injuries. Its condition defines our overall health – inside and out. However, as we age, proper nutrition and avoidance of unhealthy practices can no longer support enhancement or even maintenance of its appearance. As we become active, prevention of its future damage should be our priority.

Keeping the Skin Healthy
There are practical ways of taking care of our skin. Drinking plenty of water, eating the right kind and amount of food, enough sleep and exercise are just some of its examples. However, these are not enough if you have an active lifestyle and always under the sun. In fact, a thorough cleaning may not be enough too. We need the help of skin care products that will protect and maintain its beauty. Sunscreen should always be on the top of your skin care products. It effectively protects your face and body from the most damaging factor that causes skin aging, discoloration and even skin cancer. Another important product is lotion as it moisturizes the skin. Well-hydrated skin is a happy skin – looks young, soft and fresh.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing
Washing your face at night to remove makeup and excess dirt may not enough to prevent acne. Proper care of the skin before retiring takes three steps. Cleansing products are used to clean your face and neck. Applying a toner using a cotton ball or swab to thoroughly clean parts of your face that your cleanser missed to remove is toning. Lastly, do not go to bed without moisturizing to help replenish your skin from the pollution and dirt outside.

Skin Supplements
Taking Collagen, Glutathione, Vitamin C and E and other skin supplements promote flawless and glowing skin as it boosts the nutrients needed by the body. A good skin care routine is applying topical products outside while taking supplements for better inside health. However, although they are effective in promoting a glowing skin, it does not treat any problem. Visit your dermatologists to consult symptoms of a problematic skin.

Quality Skin Care Brands
Our skin should be treated with proper care as it faces everyday challenges. Investing in products and brands that you are sure of a good quality will make you feel more beautiful. As you know, radiant skin adds confidence. However, with so many options available in the market, we use to change our skin care regime and brands from time. It is very confusing to select the right product for our skin, especially that they are marketed differently. Catchy and frequency of ads affect our decision in buying. How would we know that they are authentic, safe and effective? Professional brands may be costly, but you can be sure of its ingredients and formulations. These brands could only be available in known and reputable stores or websites.