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Skin Whitening

With several factors causing an uneven to dark skin, the damage becomes permanent that even the best cosmetic products can no longer cover. Stress, pollution, unsafe chemicals and frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays are enough to harm the skin.Different natural and effective product skin whitening brands are conveniently available in stores and online. These products promise to make your skin glowing and healthy by reducing the imperfections caused by the high amount of melanin in the skin. Most of them eliminate the damages that caused by unhealthy lifestyle as well as improper care for skin. Flawless skin has now become easier to achieve with the discovery of different methods of skin lightening which includes:

This substance is present in the cells and its main function is to eliminate free radicals to avoid its damage. Aside from repairing the damaged cells in the body, Glutathione is also known to help boost the immune system. In fact, it is used by healthcare providers as treatment of some illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, kidney problems and much more.
Although skin whitening is not Glutathione’s main use, it is more popular as a lightening treatment. Fair and smoother skin is observed in patients with cleaner and healthier cells, which is merely a skin supplement side effect. It is considered as one of the best whitening products in the market to give solutions to uneven skin tone, dark spots, and freckles caused by too much melanin production and aging.

Skin Whitening Soap
With regular use, whitening soaps can give an effective solution to common skin problems like acne scars, melasma, and dark spots. Arbutin, kojic acid, licorice, and placenta are the most popular whitening agents present in different soap formulations. Although improvement in the skin is not quickly achieved as compared to oral and injectable, many prefer to use for safety reasons.

Collagen Drinks and Tablets
Collagen is known for tissue regeneration to achieve a lighter, smoother and more youthful glow. This natural protein is naturally present in tissues, bones, and muscles, but its production is lessened during the aging process. Decreased amount of collagen in the body affects the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Battling age generation is the main purpose of taking anti-aging drinks and tablets.

Whitening Creams and Night Serums
Topical whitening solutions such as creams and serums are meant to be applied daily to achieve results. Most brands promise a whiter and smoother skin in no time and depending on the formulation, many have positive effects on the skin and effectively battles age spots, skin’s uneven tone, and elasticity.

Skin Whitening Products that Work
Melanin production, lifestyle and aging result in skin discoloration. Several products are offered in the market and claim their excellence in reducing skin problems. However, not all skin lighteners are safe. Product formulation and proper handling may affect its effectiveness and if not properly used may cause potential risks. Consult a dermatologist to know your skin’s health and do your research before making a decision on what product to purchase. Buying quality products from reputable physical and online stores will surely lessen the risk.