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It is everyone’s dream to stay healthy and slim. However, as we grow old, we become exposed to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Because of this, shedding extra weight becomes an extra challenge as well. The sad part is, not everybody with this problem has the discipline and time to exercise. Some even resort to quick fix diets that are obviously unhealthy. We always wanted a safe but effective solution. But since there are hundreds of thousands slimming products available worldwide and all of them claim to be the best product, how would you know which product is better and with the lasting result?

Choose branded weight loss product

Slimina is a popular brand in the diet supplement industry. This capsule is known to be a diet suppressant formulated from herbal plants (Perilla Leaf Extract 80mg, Oriental Waterplantain, Rhizome Extract 50mg, Tuchkahoe Extract 45mg and Cassia Seed Extract 35mg) known in China for centuries to decrease food cravings and suppress appetite effectively.

Side effects

With proper use, Slimina Weight Loss Capsule is proven to be safe and effective without the user have to experience harmful side effects from the usual weight loss products like nausea, palpitation and diarrhea. However, this product is not totally free from side effects. As mentioned, its formulation uses herbal plants and users who suffer from constipation experience regular bowel movement. Its diuretic effect helps to eliminate waste products like fats and toxins out of the body thus leaving the intestines clean and the metabolism increased.

Proper usage and dosage

The user should take one capsule only before eating a healthy breakfast. This supplement can be taken by a healthy individual of least 18 years of age. People suffering from diseases, allergies and medical conditions are discouraged to take this product without doctor’s advice. There is no need to skip meals even if you feel a loss of appetite. Eating nutritious food, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is still necessary to achieve a favorable result. This product is not exclusive to overweight and obese, it is for everybody who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

What to expect?

The result is fast. Most users are happy to see results in just a few weeks of taking the supplement. Extra weight, as well as the dangers resulting from excess fats, are eliminated. Aside from the usual suppressed appetite and drying of mouth (that is why hydration is important), there are no uncomfortable side effects experienced that is why this is regarded as a simple solution to the obesity problem. There is no need to worry about the rebound effect once you stop taking this weight loss capsule. Once you have achieved your desired weight, you can simply eliminate its usage and just stick with the proper diet and exercise. The best thing about it is, you are not simply losing weight. It helps you become disciplined in the number of calories that you are taking. So even if you stop using it, the habit of taking just the right amount of food remains.