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Beauoxi White Testimonials

DATE: November 8, 2007



​I love Beauoxi White Plus!!! It's safe and a great antioxidant. I've been taking this product for almost a month now and I can say I'm one satisfied user. I'm starting to see my skin tone even out & some dark pimple marks gone. Rest assured, Magic Potions sells only genuine and high quality products and I can attest to that. Also, they exemplify great customer service and that's hard to beat! Now, I can't wait to purchase my next Magic Potion products.

Chay Pagulayan, WA, USA




​Before, I used different kind of expensive anti-pimple products, I had lot of pimples in my forehead and white heads in my face, my face looks so dull and oily, I did not get the results that I wanted, I almost lost my self esteem because of it. I have been wanting a smooth and fair skin eversince and I want to remove those blemishes caused by acne. When my sister recommended me Beauoxi White Plus Glutathione from Magic Potions after few months of using it a lot of people noticed that my skin became fairer and smoother. My pimples were gone. I'm very happy with the result of Beauoxi White.

Lot Alvaira, Manila, Philippines

DATE: September 9, 2006


I'm a first time user of L-Glutathione. I'm using BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS USA for 3 months now and I'm happy with the results. My skin color starts to even out and my pimples are gone. My friends start to ask me if I'm using some kind of soap or lotion. Now, they are also taking Glutathione and they are so excited to see the effects. Thanks!

Jenny, 26yo, Cebu, Philippines




​Matagal na akong my skin allergy or skin asthma. At allergic nga ako sa sarili kong pawis. Tuwing summer, mataas ang anxiety level ko kasi mainit at pagnagpawis, may mga tumutubong butlig-butlig sa kilikili o sa areas na madalas maipon ang pawis. Until one time yung kasama ko sa ospital e nagsuggest na gumamit ako ng BeauOxi White Plus. Nung una medyo hesitant akong gumamit. Until after 15 days of using it napansin kong di na ako madalas nangangamot. Ironically nung sinubukan kong guhitin ang balat ko, to my surprise di na nagkaroon ng wheal. On that day nagresearch pa ako kung ano talaga ang glutathione at ito pala ang immunomodulators ng katawan. Ngayon I am proud to tell that BeauOxi White plus has the optimal combination of vitamins in order for the immune system of the body to function well. Added to that napansin ko nga na naging maganda ang texture at kulay ko. Sa hospital marami ang nakapansin sa pagbabago ng skin color at texture ko. Naging young ang texture nya at naglighten up ang color ko in just 2 months. I am very happy for the best results of BeauOxi White Plus. Try nyo din. Proven and effective.

J.F. Agabao, Iba, Zambales, Philippines

DATE: November 8, 2007



Nine months ago, I had my baby and started to notice age spots on my face. I've been blessed with a skin without blemishes and acnes even when I was a teenager. At least, until I got pregnant. The signs of aging is starting to show which bothered me. So, I'm very glad my dear friend here in the U.S., Cynthia Pagulayan advised me to check out Magic Potions' website for great skin care products. After reading the testimonials of their happy clients, I decided to give them a try and ordered BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS online. Boy, am I impressed first and foremost, with their customer service!

See, I am from Seattle, WA and I received my first order in the mail in just 3 business days and that's without additional shipping cost! I am also thankful for the free sample of KOJIC SOAP that came in with my order. It's the best beauty soap I have ever tried so far.

After a month or so of continued use, my skin has improved dramatically. It's softer, smoother and the blemishes are gone! I get lots of compliments on my skin from friends and strangers. They are saying I look even younger! Now, my friends are using BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS and KOJIC SOAPS too!


I am confident in Magic Potions' products, I am going to use their ZHEN DE SHOU fat loss to get rid of my post pregnancy pouch! I'm so excited!


Here's a couple of my most recent pictures after using your product for a month or so....feel free to take a pick for your file.

I have included one picture (see photo insert) when I started seeing age spots/blemishes on my face (around 2005) and it got worse when I got pregnant.

Thank you, Magic Potions!

Jan Marbella, Seattle, USA

DATE: June 14, 2008

PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus 5 in 1, Angel Day Cream, Kojic Soap


​My skin is not too dark but I still want to have a whiter and pimple free skin. I started using BeauOxi White Plus USA, Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap since January last year because i have pimple marks and blemishes on my face. I'm taking the glutathione capsules (BeauOxi White Plus USA) twice a day, during morning and evening before bed time and after 3 weeks of taking it, I noticed that there's already an improvement in my skin. With the help of other products like the Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap, I noticed that I'm starting to have a whiter complexion than before plus my skin is now smoother. Month of June last year, I also tried to use the Tationil, injectable glutathione. That also gave a positive effect on my skin.

Because of the good results in my skin, I feel comfortable and confident. I'm very happy and satisfied with the results. I'm much confident now. Even my friends are asking me what I did to have a whiter and radiant skin. Haha. At the back of my mind, I feel very pretty. They are even asking me if I'm taking anything. I told them that I'm taking BeauOxi White Glutathione. They were very surprised. I know some of them are also taking glutathione (different brand) for almost 6 months now, but they are starting to become frustrated that there's still no effect on them. They were even telling me to try to switch to that brand because it's cheaper, But I‘m afraid that it might be fake and its not BFAD registered/approved plus the fact that it has no effect to them. I'm also afraid of trying some products that might not give real results or damage my health specially my skin. I just told them that I'll stick to what I'm using now because it gave me an obvious effect in no time.

One more thing, I actually have asthma, but when I started taking Beauoxi White Glutathione , I noticed that I'm not having a hard time with it anymore.

I also want to commend Magic Potions for having a good customer service to clients like me. I didn't have any problems dealing business with them. Keep up the good work!

Mhay Lin, Novaliches, Q.C

DATE: October 18, 2011



​hello my name is manuella. I found the magic potions website accidently while surfing the internet I have already use a lot of bleaching products before but no satisfying results. I want to have a lighter skin for a long time. I tried Beauoxi White Plus Glutathione and it changed my life. I was amazed of the result of this wonderful product. I also use kojic soap and the placenta mask. My skin is improving and getting lighter week by week. thank you again

Manuella Yameundjeu, France Paris

DATE: January 21, 2012


I was not born with dark skin. I am actually fair in complexion. However, when i go under direct sunlight, my skin gets darker and darker. I am also very prone to break outs> Pimple marks are very noticeable all over my face. I am very upset that time until i found out the power of Beauoxi White Plus. it helped me to achieve a renewed skin. pimple marks are gone and my complexion is fairer. I will continue using the product and will recommend it to my friends. Magic potions never fails to amazed me, from weight loss to skin care. more power to your team.

Myraliz Cruz, Philippines

DATE: August 2, 2008



​I'm inlove with colors, whether with makeup or with clothes. My skin tone, however, limits my choices, and I've always wanted to have a lighter skin tone. Now, I've tried all types of skin whitening products, from creams, to lotions, scrubs and capsules, but nothing worked. It wasn't until I found BeauOxi White Plus that I started seeing actual results. I've been using it religiously since March 2008.

The first few weeks after I started using it, I noticed that my skin feels softer and smoother. I said :"Well, this is great! Even if I don't get fairer, this result is enough to make me happy!" It wasn't long before I also started seeing that my skin tone is lightening. My friends and officemates actually commented that I look more beautiful, and that my skin has lightened. I was hooked! I started using other Magic Potions products, like their kojic soap and the Angel Face cream. These products are just divine! The Kojic bars are the best soap I've ever tried, and the Angel creams minimized my pores and evened out my skin tone. And you know what, it's true, the effects of BeauOxi White is lightening: not just merely giving me a pasty white color, but my skin is lightening: fairer, glowing and
more radiant everyday. BeauOxi White gives me a healthy glow all over. My friends love touching my skin because their hands just glide smoothly over. Who doesn't want that? I look younger and healthier because of BeauOxi White.

It's true what they say: you feel good if you look good. Well, I look beautiful! This is the best reward I've ever given myself! With all the fake products around, I only trust Magic Potions merchandise.

Claire Arrabe, Team Leader, Shell Customer service

DATE: November 19, 2007



​I heard of Beauoxi White Plus USA glutathione a year ago from my bestfriend. As a mother of 3 kids where I just gave birth to my 3rd child, and where the expenses soared, I was never convinced to use glutathione.

Last September 2007, I noticed the glow of my bestfriend's skin... Her rosy cheeks, and very youthful looking. She told me that she has been using Beauoxi White Plus USA Glutathione since last year. When I tried it, it made me look younger and glowing after 2 weeks of taking the caps. Many of my friends and some clients noticed my clearer and whiter skin. Since Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and is really good for my health, I allot a budget for this. My friends and relatives shifted from other Glutathione brands. By using other Gluta brands, they experienced ulcer-like pains because of the appetite stimulating effect. They also gained weight. I maintained my weight by using Beauoxi White Plus. Also, many of my friends are now taking Beauoxi White, to get rid of their pimples, for whiter/youthful skin, and to have rosy cheeks.

I also tried 1 pack of Zhen de Shou. I like Zhen, no headaches, no loose bowels. I lost 10 lbs easily in 10 days at a very affordable price.

I have been dealing with Magic Potions, very professional, fast and reliable. I was a bit hesitant with our first major transaction because aside from our distance, we transacted only through the net and SMS. I dealt with them, whom I barely know. Yet they replied to all my queries 24/7, and only deliver authentic orders.

Jane Claire, Iligan City, Philippines
Slimina Weight Loss Testimonials

DATE: Otc 24, 2009

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! As almost all of us have our own insecurities, mine is that I really never got to trim down. I've tried several products, most of them are those being advertised and posted on the internet, but none of them worked. I found out about slimina when I once again tried searching on the internet. I came across the website of magic potions and got curious about this new product they are indorsing, the Slimina gel capsule. I found it pricey at first (since those that I used to buy from chinese drugstores are way cheaper than this one) so I was hesitant. But then again, because I really want to achieve a trimmed and healthy body, I purchased one.

After a few days of taking it, I really felt the effect of the pill. My appetite really got down and my friends were all amazed since I was never like that even if I was on my old pill. I really just ate as long as I want and just followed what my appetite dictates me. Low and behold people started noticing the changes, as seen in my pictures.

It's not like the other slimming pills that loses its effect after having been taken. I've been using this product and was already on my 3rd bottle right now. I like it when people notice my loss of weight and I was so glad to share to them my secret. From 195 lbs, I now weigh 161 lbs and still counting (crossing my fingers). Now I can wear my old clothes (goodbye to those biggie sized pants) and do my regular activities without feeling any negative side effects (like the palpitations that I used to have with cheap pills I have tried) I advise you guys to trust this product and not to be hesitant. Also, purchase from authentic stores, Magic Potions as to that. Those cheap products promises you nothing and might be risky to your health. I really love Slimina and this product really made a difference. I hope that my simple testimonial inspired those who want to feel good about themselves even more.


CJ TORRES, Malate, Manila

DATE: MARCH 31, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I'm Yza, 25 from Bicol. Eversince I was a kid I've always been the "big girl". My classmates would tease me and would make fun of my weight. I would get embarassed whenever someone asks what my waist line is because at 14, I'm a size 32, same as my mom! Then a friend at work mentioned how Slimina Weightloss capsules changed her life, in just a month's time, she lost 3inches off her waist line and people at work really saw the results. I was intrigued and finally gave in and saw myself at St. Francis Square, buying a bottle to "try" and see if it works. I took ONLY 15 CAPSULES. Because I wasn't even aware that I was pregnant at that time! BUT IT DIDN'T AFFECT NOR HAD I EXPERIENCED ANY NEGATIVE EFFECTS DURING MY PREGNANCY. The only effect though, is that I was once 85kilos, down to 64kilos in just 15 capsules. My pregnancy went smoothly, I was the prettiest and most blooming pregnant as per my OB-GYNE :) I got the comment I longed for so long "hey you're looking good!" "you lost so much weight!" "you're a very beautiful pregnant lady!".. and so on. My baby was born very healthy and very strong. And up to now I was able to maintain the weight even though I was not able to maintain taking Slimina. BUT I will surely buy again! Thank you Slimina! I'm a hot-mama as they say :))) I will surely recommend it to my friends!

YZA SALLE, Bicol, Philippines

DATE: Sep 23, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I am 35yrs old with 3 kids. SLIMINA capsules help me build my confidence again. Before I hate to face the mirror to see my body until I try to use SLIMINA weight loss capsule just AFTER 7seven days you can see the MAGIC of the capsule without any side effect. And look at me now, slim and look younger than before. Thanks SLIMINA!

SHEILA VILLASENOR, Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

DATE: June 12, 2014

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

Hi, I am Harrold Glenn C. de Asis and I tried using Slimina Slimming Pills for two months and it yields great results. Before I was very worried about my weight because of the fact that i find it difficult to loose weight unlike when I was younger and also the fact that I just hate to tire myself exercising a lot just to gain a slimmer look. So there, I tried purschasing two bottles of slimina which is good for two months and these are the changes after less than two months:
The picture on the left was me before (2 months ago) where i was 85kgs in weight while the picture on the right was taken a week ago where I was 77kgs. Well that's 8kgs weight loose within 1 month and 3 weeks. Actually my friend really noticed that i was slimmer and I myself could tell that i was happier and more energetic.
So i strongly recommend Slimina Slimming pills for it is such an effective product with great noticeable results and without the annoying side effects. Right now im taking the product gradually just to maintain my ideal weight witnout worrying much about dieting or strenuous exercise.
I hope i could help you guys with this review.

Harrold Glenn de Asis

DATE: May 24, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I'm Leny Bahinting from Davao City. I was introduced to Slimina by my High School classmate during our Batch vacation in Cebu last year, June 2011. She just gave me 3 capsules so I can try it. I noticed I sweat a lot on my first capsule. After the 3 caps, I was amazed that I had lost 3 lbs! Just in 3 days! So, I've searched for the Slimina brand in the web and I found Magic Potions. I ordered my first bottle, paid it thru G-cash. After my first bottle, another High school batchmate informed me of a friend who sells Slimina but for a higher cost. Since it's a convenience for me (the friend is my neighbor), I ordered from her (was able to buy 3 or 4 bottles already). And I am so happy with the result! I weighed 72 kilos when I started. I now weigh 65 kilos... and counting! And I love it! Thank you so much, Slimina!!

Leny Bahinting, Davao City, Philippines

DATE: May 28, 2013

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hello! I would like to share my story hoping to inspire other women to brave the very effective, Slimina.
I weighed 210 lbs 6 months ago and I could not stop gaining weight even without trying. I came across Slimina via the sellers in Instagram, I searched about it through the internet and went to Magic Potions to avail a bottle. After 2 weeks of taking it, I instantly noticed 6lbs off the weighing scale. By the time I finished my first bottle, I already got rid of about 15 lbs. Right now I'm on my 5th bottle and I'm down to 145 lbs. For faster results, you can combine exercise, since Slimina does not make you feel tired and exhausted, you can still afford some physical activity. Aside from supressing my voracious appetite, it also has helped my skin brighten and smoothen. It also does not make me run to the toilet everytime. Slimina is the only product that has worked for me, after trying about 10 slimming pills, juices, coffee and different variants. You should try it now!

Julianne Dinglasan

DATE: August 14, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I was slim before, but with my changing lifestyle I noticed I gain weight as days pass by. I'm scared to think that someday I will become obese......
My cousin told me about Slimina and how it works great on her.
Amazingly, I lose 8kg in a month! Thanks to Slimina Capsule! Until now I maintain my ideal weight with taking Slimina Capsule everyday. Thanks Magic Potions! and also to my cousin Ate My!

MARIE, Philippines

DATE: JULY 28, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​to all the girls and boys around the world who wanted to reduce weight,but dont have time to do some exercise,and no strength to refuse too much food.
dont think twice to try slimina diet pills. its amazingly effective. magic potions
(sliminaweightloss capsules)and stuffs are trusted. God Bless U,more power,and more success.


DATE: Jun 11, 2013

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi I just want to tell how slimina works for me..i started to gain weight when im in 2ndyr. college, i tried so many slimming products like slimming teas, coffee, capsules but i notice the effect was so slow and want to try another product. And ofcourse we don't want the side effect that we defecate 3-4x a day with stomach cramps, it is really made us feel weak. Years after no slimming product satisfied my need to loose weight. But when my sister recommend me this Slimina weight loss capsules last May 1stweek, oh my! it really works! I can't imagine from 57kg. and now 52kg. in less than a month! after 1week believe it or not i loss 4lbs. already! In less than a week, I can't finish to eat 1cup of rice, my stomach feels like always full and I can tolerate not to eat meryenda and midnight snack. So good! that will help you to loose weight too! I am 25yrs. old, after taking this product, I look years younger in a very short span of time. Because of its anti-oxidant ingredient.

Marinel Fajardo

DATE: MARCH 25, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I can say that I became a 'guinea pig' when it comes to trying slimming product that is available on the market. I was so desperate on loosing my post pregnancy weight that's why I tried everything! And it sad to say that none of them works! be it slimming juices,creams,coffee/tea and capsules. What's worse is they have bad side effects. I have experience palpitations and diarrhea when i tried those products. So I thought that I have no other choice but to embrace my 'new body'. Not until a friend of mine recommended SLIMINA. At first I hesitated on trying the product since I've tried a lot of pills already and thought that all of them are just the same. So what I did is i made some research regarding side effects. I've read testimonials of satisfied users and read information on the product itself. Then, when I found out that SLIMINA is all herbal-based pills, I've decided to try it. I was 68.7 kg. before I started taking it and after 30 days I now weigh 63 kg!!! I lost 5 kg without any effort at all! I can still eat anything I want! I've also noticed that I have a different glow, my face became more clearer and smoother since I'm drinking a lot of water (more than 20 glasses/day), that makes a natural moisturizer on my skin! I now recommend SLIMINA to all my friends who wants to SAFELY loose weight and actually thinking on being a distributor! =) THANKS SLIMINA!!!


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