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DATE: April 15, 2012

PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus Capsules


​I am an avid fan of Magic Potion and I want to show the world how Beauoxi White Plus was able to make me a fab bride. With just two bottles, it made my skin clearer and whiter. thanks to this wonder product and ill definitely endorse it to my friends.

Myraliz Cruz

DATE: May 7, 2007



​Ever since I was a teen, I dreamed of having whiter and flawless skin. I've tried so many whitening products like lotions and soaps but since I have very sensitive skin, I always end up miserable. Results didn't make me satisfied and even got worse due to redness and itchiness. I promise myself not to trust any products. But my journey didn't end up with that. Still eager, carefully I search for trusted whitening products until finally I found Magic Potions! I got curious with Glutathione since I heard a lot of celebrities were also using it. In just a couple of months! Whoaaa I noticed my skin looks flawless and whiter! I got a lot of praises from old friends who were my witness of how ugly-duckling I am since I was a kid. Beauoxi White Plus is very safe and very effective. Since then I never switch to any products anymore! I also used their kojic soap (for face and body), angel placenta night cream , sunblock gel ( protects me from the sun plus no more whiteheads!), whitening lotions (cheaper but really effective), body scrubs (cheaper too but makes my skin instantly smooth!). A lot of my friends were asking what my secret is and I'm not afraid and proud to refer Magic Potions to them. You can only achieve your goal as long as you never stop and believe that you can make it! Thanks Magic Potions! I love how it brings back the confidence in me!

Romhel - Ann B. Alvaira

DATE: November 8, 2007



Nine months ago, I had my baby and started to notice age spots on my face. I've been blessed with a skin without blemishes and acnes even when I was a teenager. At least, until I got pregnant. The signs of aging is starting to show which bothered me. So, I'm very glad my dear friend here in the U.S., Cynthia Pagulayan advised me to check out Magic Potions' website for great skin care products. After reading the testimonials of their happy clients, I decided to give them a try and ordered BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS online. Boy, am I impressed first and foremost, with their customer service!

See, I am from Seattle, WA and I received my first order in the mail in just 3 business days and that's without additional shipping cost! I am also thankful for the free sample of KOJIC SOAP that came in with my order. It's the best beauty soap I have ever tried so far.

After a month or so of continued use, my skin has improved dramatically. It's softer, smoother and the blemishes are gone! I get lots of compliments on my skin from friends and strangers. They are saying I look even younger! Now, my friends are using BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS and KOJIC SOAPS too!


I am confident in Magic Potions' products, I am going to use their ZHEN DE SHOU fat loss to get rid of my post pregnancy pouch! I'm so excited!


Here's a couple of my most recent pictures after using your product for a month or so....feel free to take a pick for your file.

I have included one picture (see photo insert) when I started seeing age spots/blemishes on my face (around 2005) and it got worse when I got pregnant.

Thank you, Magic Potions!

Jan Marbella, Seattle, USA




​I'm not fair gifted with clear smooth and fair skin especially. When I was a teen, like any normal teenager I started getting pimples, large pimples. It's really humiliating when you have at least 6 pimples at the same time and people look at them instead in my eyes when I talk to them. Worse is that these pimples leave black marks that takes months to disappear. I've tried all medication available in the market; creams, pills, astringent and soaps. I went to dermatologists but nothing improved the situation. I listen to commercials and hearsay saying that this is effective, that is effective and actually use them. That's how desperate I am. Nothing helped me until I started taking glutathione. It really improves my skin and complexion. I've been taking glutathione for years now and have tried a lot of brands but only BeauOxi White Plus give me the results that I really wanted and expected from what a glutathione can do. Now I've never been happier and more confident with how I look. I really thank beauoxi white and magic potions for helping I'm not exaggerating anything here and my friends can attest to this.

Albert, 25yo Manila, Philippines

DATE: October 18, 2011



​hello my name is manuella. I found the magic potions website accidently while surfing the internet I have already use a lot of bleaching products before but no satisfying results. I want to have a lighter skin for a long time. I tried Beauoxi White Plus Glutathione and it changed my life. I was amazed of the result of this wonderful product. I also use kojic soap and the placenta mask. My skin is improving and getting lighter week by week. thank you again

Manuella Yameundjeu, France Paris


PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus and Tationil Glutathione injection


​I started using Beauoxi for health reasons but im also aware that it can cause skin whitening as its side effect if taken in high dose. After a few months of use, I started to noticed that my skin is better and lighter. Its like im glowing and I love it. In short, Im happy with the results of your BeauOxi White Plus and Now that im using Tationil, my skin now more healthier and whiter. I attached my before and after photos as proof. Thank you Magic Potions.

Lorie Foronda

DATE: January 7, 2012



​hello magic potion,,,Im Princess Rhea D. Guinto,and Im using BEAUOXI WHITE plus USA product for only 1 month and i notice the faster effect in my skin,my skin become more beautiful ang look younger,,,Im very proud to say that your product is very effective,my skin tone now is more fairer and more beautiful..Im also using your vit,c product and your Kojic soap and Placenta facial mask and i notice the beautiful effect in my skin,,Thanks MAGIC POTION..GODBLESS

Princess Rhea D. Guinto, Philippines

DATE: July 4, 2011



​I am an Ilocana so no wonder If I don't have a fair skin, Ilocana are well known to have "MAITIM NA SIKO at TUHOD" yan ang trade mark hehehe one time when I visited in manila way back, maybe 2 years ago they told me that " Kaya pala maitim siko mo ILOKANO ka pala" hmmmm that hurts, but it's true kaya I'm always wearing 3/4 sleeves. My second genetic problem is my painful acne that makes my self esteem LOW! I'm always wearing a full coverage make up and it is so tiring to apply make up everyday, but still, my acne and acne marks are visible.

Ever since I was young, I dream of having fairer and flawless skin, like celebrities, they can wear any dress or swimsuit.At my young age I tried all kinds of products, like whitening papaya soaps, papaya lotions and creams. I'm always updated with new whitening product advertised on the TV, but all products that I've tried make my acne worse and more painful.

Now, I am so thankful to Magic potions because they have the best products, like BeauOxi White Plus 5in1, Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream, Angel Placenta Whitening Day Cream and Kojic Soap. You really changed my life Magic potions thank you so much!

I just started taking my third bottle BeauOxi White Plus and see the difference between my before and after pictures, nothing to explain. I am so satisfied and now confident to wear anything I want! Whether it's beach outing or party scene hehehhe...

Since I started using Magic Potions products a lot of my friends noticed that I look younger than before! Hahaha! On several occasions, some guys thought I was just 20 years old hahaha but the truth is I'm already 28 years old. Lucky me! Now, I'm very confident and happy. They always ask me what is my secret, and this made me think to start a business....

I am so lucky to have found you, Magic Potions; you get rid of my "MAITIM NA SIKO AT TUHOD", MY GENETIC ACNE AND MOST ESPECIALLY BOOST MY SELF ESTEEM. Now I'm always ready to go because of my head to toe flawless look without any make up.


Rona Rumbaoa, Philippines

DATE: October 23, 2006



​Now that I'm taking Glutathione I don't have to put blushons/makeups because my cheeks are rosy. Actually I don't have a problem with my skin color, I take glutathione because I have a liver problem. On my fourth month of taking glutathione to present, my pimple marks are all gone, my face is glowing, my cheeks are rosy (cool) and I feel so healthy. MAGIC POTIONS please give me a free gluta for this. :)

Evelyn, Pasay, Philippines

DATE: September 20, 2011



​Hi my name is Jeffelyn Salvador. I started using beauOxi white plus USA in May 2011. I'm proud to say "it does work"!!! I've never been satisfied with any other whitening product. It's pricy but it's worth it. I've been taking beauoxi white plus now for 4 1/2 months and I'm loving the results. I have a beautiful glossy and fairer skin. Also my pimples from my arm went away. All i could say is "Thank you beauoxi white".. i will continue to use beauoxi white plus usa, angel night and day cream, vitamin c. Thank you for making look younger and beautiful again. :)

Jeffelyn Salvador, Philippines
Slimina Weight Loss Testimonials

DATE: October 14, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi I'm Lhot-lhot, 36 yrs. old with 2 kids. I started gain weight when i gave birth to my eldest son.. I've been trying to lose weight by taking everything! including diet pills, diet tea, diet coffee. until i tried taking SLIMINA weightloss capsule. I have to admit, that Slimina weightloss capsule is the ONLY thing that worked for me. Stop searching of a product that really effective for you, because this product is really recommended and you'll never be disappointed

I started taking Slimina last august with no effort, and no side effects (like headache, diarrhea, vomiting). When i started taking slimina my weight is 185lbs, after 3 months of taking it, now my weight is 150lbs, i will surely continue taking slimina until i reach my ideal weight.Aside from that MAGIC POTIONS is really trusted online company, You will receive your order a day after you pay tru their bank accounts. To Magic Potions "Keep up the good work"..........So what are you waiting for?......This product is absolutely THE BEST!!"


DATE: Mar 20, 2013

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi My name is Mary Ronalyn Quinit. I have searched Slimina weightloss @ while looking for slimming products that is truly effective and safe to use. After giving birth, I gained so much weight. I am so fat and that I cannot wear my tshirts in Medium size. I am so ashamed with my body, my bubly face and my figure. I tried to order 1bottle of Slimina capsule and I am so amazed with the result.I started taking the pill last February. On my 20th day of taking slimina capsule, from 36 inches waistline it became 33 inches. I hate exercise and I am not the person who will NO to foods but with the Slimina, Wow... Even without exercise I am sweating too much. I hate drinking too much water but slimina will push you to drink more than 20 glass of water and you can't get rid of it. I'm on my 2nd bottle now and my friends told me that I am a sexy hot mommy already with my figure now and they asked me if I am taking Gluta products because my skin is getting fairer and whiter. As of now, March 20, 2013 my waistline is 31.5". I Love this product so much. I'm on my way to my target figure for my wedding. Thanks to MagicPotions and Slimina.

Mary Ronalyn Quinit

DATE: Otc 24, 2009

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! As almost all of us have our own insecurities, mine is that I really never got to trim down. I've tried several products, most of them are those being advertised and posted on the internet, but none of them worked. I found out about slimina when I once again tried searching on the internet. I came across the website of magic potions and got curious about this new product they are indorsing, the Slimina gel capsule. I found it pricey at first (since those that I used to buy from chinese drugstores are way cheaper than this one) so I was hesitant. But then again, because I really want to achieve a trimmed and healthy body, I purchased one.

After a few days of taking it, I really felt the effect of the pill. My appetite really got down and my friends were all amazed since I was never like that even if I was on my old pill. I really just ate as long as I want and just followed what my appetite dictates me. Low and behold people started noticing the changes, as seen in my pictures.

It's not like the other slimming pills that loses its effect after having been taken. I've been using this product and was already on my 3rd bottle right now. I like it when people notice my loss of weight and I was so glad to share to them my secret. From 195 lbs, I now weigh 161 lbs and still counting (crossing my fingers). Now I can wear my old clothes (goodbye to those biggie sized pants) and do my regular activities without feeling any negative side effects (like the palpitations that I used to have with cheap pills I have tried) I advise you guys to trust this product and not to be hesitant. Also, purchase from authentic stores, Magic Potions as to that. Those cheap products promises you nothing and might be risky to your health. I really love Slimina and this product really made a difference. I hope that my simple testimonial inspired those who want to feel good about themselves even more.


CJ TORRES, Malate, Manila

DATE: Aug 30, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hello Magic Potions! Im Rhea mother of 1, I used Slimina Slimming Capsules for 3 months, im on my 4th bottle now, Slimina was introduced by my friend, he is Ed Gonzales, I was convince to buy because I saw the total change of his body. So I tried to buy, in the first week, I was so shock of its effectiveness, before I can eat up to 3 cups of rice, but now I can�t finish my 1 cup, it really decreased my appetite, and I always perspire, and my weight before was 69 kgs. But now im 54 kgs.Now, I am confident to wear sexy and fitted clothes, my friends and relatives they also notice my weight loss.. I am so very thankful to Ed Gonzales, who introduced Slimina and especially to Magic Potions, you helped me to lose weight and attained my desire weight. Thank you very much!


DATE: Oct 19, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! am here again! i had my testi last July.. to recap.. i was 185 pounds before down to 135 pounds..quite amazing right? cant help but compared the OLD me to NEW me.. now 135 pounds down to 130 pounds.. am now closer to my ideal weight.. time frame is to reach 119 this December.. nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with the help of this heavenly sent pills.. Goodluck my MP family for having SP.. =)

WITHHELD), United Arab Emirates

DATE: October 1, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! i'm rhea dichos, 22years Old, I really love to eat desserts and delicious various cuisines.. when i was In college,my weight was 58kgs and maintain laNg yun because I always stay uP late and 3-4hours lang ang regular na sleeping time even thou i eat a lOt parang hindi ako tumataba..BUt the truth is TAbain talaga ako,, maybe because mabagal ang metabolism when I GRaduated, that was the time na nag gain ako ng weight,since haba na ng tulog ko and wala pang masyadong ginagawa.. From 58kg naging 69kg na ang weight ko,,That's the time na nagka-problem ako..I can't find a Good paying job because of my weight! ( I'm HRM graduate applying for casino or hotel job),, so lagi na lang akong rejected.. I tried to do exercises, diet at iba pa but It seems it doesn't work at all,, I need to take slimming supplements to help me lose weight.. ang hirap mag hanap ng mapagkakatiwalaang slimming product because all of them promising that I will lose weight. and some of these are very expensive.. I chose SLIMINA because I have Nothing to lose in this product!.. If Not effective they have a guarantee of money back.. This made my decision strong, come to think of it "why would they guarantee that much if the product is not really effective?" right?,, so, I Bought 2 bottles of slimina and take 1 capsule everyday!.. from 69kgs now Down to 60kgs after 2mos.. as in WOW! i lost 19.8Lbs in just 2 MOnths!.. and now still losing weight! So try iT! You have ONLY your fat and weight To lose! it's very effective!


DATE: November 17, 2014

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Super effective sakin ang slimina, after a month from 33 inches na waistline down to 28 na lang. No cravings, wala rin diziness effect unlike sa ibang diet pill ang side effect laging nauuhaw kaya I'll see to it na nakaka 2liters of water ako everyday. Mas mabilis mag lose ng weight kapag sinamahan ng atleast 30mins na exercise everyday. Thanks sa slimina. :)

Ms. Lian

DATE: Nov 14, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​A Pleasant Day! I would just like to share my experience with Slimina. I've been overweight since my highschool years, I actually accepted that and thought that I couldn't really slim down whatever I do. So one of my cousin gave me a bottle just for a sample if it will work. My starting weight was 152 lbs by June 2012, I started using it with of course proper diet. I really felt that I'm not that hungry all day long, I ate small amount of food by Breakfast then same with Lunch. After maybe 8 weeks by August 15 actually. It was my friends birthday that they notice and said that I'm getting slimmer. So when weekend come, I weigh myself nad realize that I lost almost 18 lbs by that time. I stopped using slimina for a while due to that I don't have time to visit their shops because of work but I'm planning to have a visit at their shop here in sampaloc to buy again and hopefully continue slimming until I really reached my goal weight. Thank you slimina! You really help me a lot!

Glizette Bernardo, Philippines

DATE: Mar 2, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I'm medium built (chubby) and eversince, my tummy and flubby arms are my problem areas. It all started when I was browsing the internet and saw a discussion board of females talking about a new product, slimina, and how effective it is. Out of curiosity (Since almost all of them had a positive experience with slimina) I tried researching and reading more information about the content of this product. "Health" first before anything else. I don't want to take medicine without knowing the content and possible harmful/adverse effect of it. After doing my research, I finally decided to buy and try this product. 2 years ago, when I started taking slimina, the packaging was still different (Correct me if I'm wrong, the color of the cap is dark green/blue?) I'm one of the first users who could attest of the effectivity of slimina.

During my first bottle, I didn't bother to get my weight since I was only planning to try the product for days if it really is effective. I really don't have plans of drinking the 30 capsules. After first wk of using it, I already noticed the tightness in my tummy area. I didn't expect that I could get such effect in a small span of time. Due to positive outcomes, I continued taking it and after 2 wks, I started seeing the effect on my face. It became more defined, especially my cheekbone. I was so happy that I finally decided to take the 30 capsules to see the maximum effect of it. To make the long story short, I lose plenty of weight on my first bottle to the point that I need to buy new sets of clothes.

My friends were amazed with my weight loss and started asking me about my lil secret. I told them that I took slimina and it was the best so far among any other slimming pills in the market. They also tried the product and were happy with the outcome. Due to plenty of friends asking me to buy slimina for them, i finally decided to become a reseller. I'm not into marketing and don't have any experience in selling any product. Since I, myself, is a believer of this product and my friends saw the big difference on my body (specifically my tummy and arms) It wasn't that hard to sell this product. I will never ever sell a product that I never tried and that could cause harm since most of my clients are my close friends. I'm not really after the income, I'm more than happy to see my friends loose weight, gain confidence and are satisfied with the results.

After my first bottle, I bought another bottle of slimina after a year as a MAINTAINANCE. I'm only taking it for a wk since I already lost plenty of fats in my first bottle. I used it every now and then to help me lessen my cravings for food (Matakaw kasi ako hehe). Now, I'm taking it again since recently, I gave birth to my second baby and gained alot of weight.

Very effective, Easy to maintain since it's only taken once a day before breakfast, No palpitations and diarrhea
Dry mouth/lips (You really need to drink PLENTY of water), I sweat alot ( i think this one should be on PRO's but I just hate it everytime my shirt is soaked with sweat :P )

DONT HESITATE TO TRY IT since it has a money back guarantee. Goodluck :)

APPLE, Pampanga, Philippines

DATE: Jan 17, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! I'm Alyssa Cabula, 19 years old from Quezon City, Philippines. Last November 2011, I weigh 110lbs, after taking SLIMINA WEIGHT LOSS CAPSULES for almost 3months, I already lost 20lbs and weighing 90lbs today. I suggest to all who wants to get fit and lose fat fast and effective without spending much money to take Slimina Weight Loss Capsules. Just make sure to drink lots of water. And follow instructions on how to take this capsule.

ALYSSA CABULA, Philippines



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