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DATE: November 19, 2007



​I heard of Beauoxi White Plus USA glutathione a year ago from my bestfriend. As a mother of 3 kids where I just gave birth to my 3rd child, and where the expenses soared, I was never convinced to use glutathione.

Last September 2007, I noticed the glow of my bestfriend's skin... Her rosy cheeks, and very youthful looking. She told me that she has been using Beauoxi White Plus USA Glutathione since last year. When I tried it, it made me look younger and glowing after 2 weeks of taking the caps. Many of my friends and some clients noticed my clearer and whiter skin. Since Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and is really good for my health, I allot a budget for this. My friends and relatives shifted from other Glutathione brands. By using other Gluta brands, they experienced ulcer-like pains because of the appetite stimulating effect. They also gained weight. I maintained my weight by using Beauoxi White Plus. Also, many of my friends are now taking Beauoxi White, to get rid of their pimples, for whiter/youthful skin, and to have rosy cheeks.

I also tried 1 pack of Zhen de Shou. I like Zhen, no headaches, no loose bowels. I lost 10 lbs easily in 10 days at a very affordable price.

I have been dealing with Magic Potions, very professional, fast and reliable. I was a bit hesitant with our first major transaction because aside from our distance, we transacted only through the net and SMS. I dealt with them, whom I barely know. Yet they replied to all my queries 24/7, and only deliver authentic orders.

Jane Claire, Iligan City, Philippines

DATE: May 7, 2007



​Ever since I was a teen, I dreamed of having whiter and flawless skin. I've tried so many whitening products like lotions and soaps but since I have very sensitive skin, I always end up miserable. Results didn't make me satisfied and even got worse due to redness and itchiness. I promise myself not to trust any products. But my journey didn't end up with that. Still eager, carefully I search for trusted whitening products until finally I found Magic Potions! I got curious with Glutathione since I heard a lot of celebrities were also using it. In just a couple of months! Whoaaa I noticed my skin looks flawless and whiter! I got a lot of praises from old friends who were my witness of how ugly-duckling I am since I was a kid. Beauoxi White Plus is very safe and very effective. Since then I never switch to any products anymore! I also used their kojic soap (for face and body), angel placenta night cream , sunblock gel ( protects me from the sun plus no more whiteheads!), whitening lotions (cheaper but really effective), body scrubs (cheaper too but makes my skin instantly smooth!). A lot of my friends were asking what my secret is and I'm not afraid and proud to refer Magic Potions to them. You can only achieve your goal as long as you never stop and believe that you can make it! Thanks Magic Potions! I love how it brings back the confidence in me!

Romhel - Ann B. Alvaira




I had Beauoxi White USA sent to me once in Uganda some time last year, and it really worked wonders for me. Im in the UK now and I want some sent for me here, Problem is I haven't got much money to spair. But if you could send me the cheapest discounts you've got on the capsules a list of offers and good prices IN POUNDS, then I can pay by debit card.

Get back to me as soon as possible.

Vina Sentoko, Uganda / United Kingdom

DATE: November 8, 2007



Nine months ago, I had my baby and started to notice age spots on my face. I've been blessed with a skin without blemishes and acnes even when I was a teenager. At least, until I got pregnant. The signs of aging is starting to show which bothered me. So, I'm very glad my dear friend here in the U.S., Cynthia Pagulayan advised me to check out Magic Potions' website for great skin care products. After reading the testimonials of their happy clients, I decided to give them a try and ordered BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS online. Boy, am I impressed first and foremost, with their customer service!

See, I am from Seattle, WA and I received my first order in the mail in just 3 business days and that's without additional shipping cost! I am also thankful for the free sample of KOJIC SOAP that came in with my order. It's the best beauty soap I have ever tried so far.

After a month or so of continued use, my skin has improved dramatically. It's softer, smoother and the blemishes are gone! I get lots of compliments on my skin from friends and strangers. They are saying I look even younger! Now, my friends are using BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS and KOJIC SOAPS too!


I am confident in Magic Potions' products, I am going to use their ZHEN DE SHOU fat loss to get rid of my post pregnancy pouch! I'm so excited!


Here's a couple of my most recent pictures after using your product for a month or so....feel free to take a pick for your file.

I have included one picture (see photo insert) when I started seeing age spots/blemishes on my face (around 2005) and it got worse when I got pregnant.

Thank you, Magic Potions!

Jan Marbella, Seattle, USA


PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus and Tationil Glutathione injection


​I started using Beauoxi for health reasons but im also aware that it can cause skin whitening as its side effect if taken in high dose. After a few months of use, I started to noticed that my skin is better and lighter. Its like im glowing and I love it. In short, Im happy with the results of your BeauOxi White Plus and Now that im using Tationil, my skin now more healthier and whiter. I attached my before and after photos as proof. Thank you Magic Potions.

Lorie Foronda

DATE: October 23, 2006



​Now that I'm taking Glutathione I don't have to put blushons/makeups because my cheeks are rosy. Actually I don't have a problem with my skin color, I take glutathione because I have a liver problem. On my fourth month of taking glutathione to present, my pimple marks are all gone, my face is glowing, my cheeks are rosy (cool) and I feel so healthy. MAGIC POTIONS please give me a free gluta for this. :)

Evelyn, Pasay, Philippines

DATE: March 29, 2012

PRODUCT: Beauoxiwhite


Hi! I just wanna thank all of you for producing products like Beauoxi White Capsules & Slimina Weight loss Pills. It really does what it says. I am not actually dark but I always wanted to have a whiter skin. When I happen to browse your website because of your Slimina Weight Loss pills I also saw your whitening products. Even if I've tried some whitening soaps & lotions before I noticed no difference. It's like wasting your time & money for nothing. I ordered your Slimina & Beauoxi white Capsule with kojic soap & mask, also your Angel Placenta Day & Night Cream. I am proud to say that it does wonders to my skin & body. POSITIVE RESULTS. I never expected how beautifully it changed my whole self. I felt result using your soap & the creams. No words could really express how grateful I am. From Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan.:)) No more pimple scars, made me look younger(thanks) & fairer, whiter skin. Cost-effective, WORTH IT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY! IT IS WORKING! Thank You Magic Potions, to your staffs & to Beauoxi white & Slimina. Keep it up! I will still continue to use your product for maintenance.

Cleofe M. De Guzman



I had a friend purchase 2 bottles of 2 bottles of BeauOxi White Premium Brand sometime early this year. I have spoke to the distributor on the phone while I was in NewYork. I wish to replenish my supply. I had initially been using Dr. Ishigaki but since I started Beauoxi White Plus, I have seen the results very fast. I am in Tampa now and I wish to order. How sure am I that delivery/shipment is guaranteed when I have sent you my money through your authorized channels? Thank you. And please get back to me as I need to know.

Joy Ann, Tamba Bay, Florida, USA

DATE: June 14, 2008

PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus 5 in 1, Angel Day Cream, Kojic Soap


​My skin is not too dark but I still want to have a whiter and pimple free skin. I started using BeauOxi White Plus USA, Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap since January last year because i have pimple marks and blemishes on my face. I'm taking the glutathione capsules (BeauOxi White Plus USA) twice a day, during morning and evening before bed time and after 3 weeks of taking it, I noticed that there's already an improvement in my skin. With the help of other products like the Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap, I noticed that I'm starting to have a whiter complexion than before plus my skin is now smoother. Month of June last year, I also tried to use the Tationil, injectable glutathione. That also gave a positive effect on my skin.

Because of the good results in my skin, I feel comfortable and confident. I'm very happy and satisfied with the results. I'm much confident now. Even my friends are asking me what I did to have a whiter and radiant skin. Haha. At the back of my mind, I feel very pretty. They are even asking me if I'm taking anything. I told them that I'm taking BeauOxi White Glutathione. They were very surprised. I know some of them are also taking glutathione (different brand) for almost 6 months now, but they are starting to become frustrated that there's still no effect on them. They were even telling me to try to switch to that brand because it's cheaper, But I‘m afraid that it might be fake and its not BFAD registered/approved plus the fact that it has no effect to them. I'm also afraid of trying some products that might not give real results or damage my health specially my skin. I just told them that I'll stick to what I'm using now because it gave me an obvious effect in no time.

One more thing, I actually have asthma, but when I started taking Beauoxi White Glutathione , I noticed that I'm not having a hard time with it anymore.

I also want to commend Magic Potions for having a good customer service to clients like me. I didn't have any problems dealing business with them. Keep up the good work!

Mhay Lin, Novaliches, Q.C

DATE: January 21, 2012


I was not born with dark skin. I am actually fair in complexion. However, when i go under direct sunlight, my skin gets darker and darker. I am also very prone to break outs> Pimple marks are very noticeable all over my face. I am very upset that time until i found out the power of Beauoxi White Plus. it helped me to achieve a renewed skin. pimple marks are gone and my complexion is fairer. I will continue using the product and will recommend it to my friends. Magic potions never fails to amazed me, from weight loss to skin care. more power to your team.

Myraliz Cruz, Philippines
Slimina Weight Loss Testimonials

DATE: Nov 2, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I'm Una from Las Pinas City. I started taking slimina last October 1, 2011. I weigh 211 lbs that time and was so depressed that I cannot wear fitted blouses and pants. Imagine a 5' 2" girl weighing 211. I have tried other slimming pills but I don't really like the effects it brought me, only Slimina worked fine with no effects that might harm my body. By observing the instructions that was indicated on it, a proper diet and boxing as my exercise, my weight trimmed to 180 lbs. I have regained my self-respect and confidence as well. I have noticed that my skin became fairer too. I'm on my second bottle now and can't wait to weigh again. Target weight is 140, will update you again once I shred more. Thank you Slimina!

UNA MARTINEZ, Las Pinas, Philippines

DATE: July 29, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

I weighed 170lbs after 6mos of taking Diane which was recommended by my ob because my menstrual periods were irregular. I took a lot of slimming pills (one was too expensive and made me so weak and dehydrated for a month) but to no avail. Then i saw a picture of my college friend who lost a lot of weight. She recommended Slimina to me and after a month of taking it, i lost 8 lbs! I'm now on my 3rd bottle and I currently weigh 139lbs ( 31 lbs total ) Im just too happy and satisfied with the result. Thanks Slimina and Magic Potions!


DATE: Jun 9, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Attached file is my before and after pictures since ive started to use the slimina weight loos capsul for about 1 1/2 months .. I really love and contented about the result and I encourage my friends also to use the products and same thing no side effect.

Racquel Villar

DATE: Jul 8, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi I'm jed! I just want to thank you SLIMINA because of your product my lifestyle change from really bad to great! When I came home from abroad..I weighed at 215 I am only 185 lbs. and still dropping. SLIMINA not only helped me to lose weight it also help me to correct my eating habits and appetite; I was eating lots and lots of junk foods, I was always craving for my favorite treats like donut and chocolate, I drink coke at least 4-5 times a week, I eat 2-3 cups of rice per meal but now all of that are no more! Which means what you advertised is really true not like other slimming products, it's SAFE and VERY EFFECTIVE! I now follow a balanced meal 3 full meals a day, I only drink water and I don't have any cravings no more. Now I can wear fitted shirts and my pants are dropping down without a belt. I feel light! I feel good inside and out! thank you SLIMINA!!=)

JOHN MARUHOM, Philippines

DATE: JULY 28, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​to all the girls and boys around the world who wanted to reduce weight,but dont have time to do some exercise,and no strength to refuse too much food.
dont think twice to try slimina diet pills. its amazingly effective. magic potions
(sliminaweightloss capsules)and stuffs are trusted. God Bless U,more power,and more success.


DATE: Aug 14, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​hi its me again, i cant imagine how effective slimina was, imagine i loose lot of unwanted fats on my body. its seems that slimina is a wonder drug that aids overweight and obesity. while loosing your unwanted fats safely it can also nourish your skin because of the antioxidants. over all, i will use slimina until my weight will be normal..i am also a reseller of slimina, lots of my relatives notice a big change in their weight after using it. thanks a lot slimina..


DATE: Apr 5, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​hi..just wanna share this amazing result of slimina slimming capsules to me..

i've tried so many slimming coffees and pills before but didn't really get the body that i want..i used to be 150lbs and was so insecure and intimidated of how i look..but after trying slimina capsules, i lost 10lbs in just 2weeks and finally weighed 100lbs after a month and a half of using was really im confident of showing off my body and could wear bikinis nah!!..hehehhe.thanks slimina!!!


MAY TORRALBA, Philippines

DATE: Jul 13, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​every girl wants to be slim and nowadays there�s a sliming product that so very effective and can�t harm your health .. i tried so many sliming product but only slimina prove me that there�s a product that can help in reducing weight .. im using this product 2months ago but see only 2months but im now in my dream body a slim body .. and this product helps me to build up more self esteem . now i can wear the dress i want and i can wear it proudly thanks to slimina .. and also to magic potions .. try it now and u will see how it helps u .. this is the start of change darie david . phil


DATE: August 29, 2014

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Im April Fria Ejar from Kalibo, Aklan. Super effective talaga ng Slimina naka 3bottles na ako and consistent yung effect niya hindi katulad ng iba next take mo wala ng effect. Dati ung uniform ko hindi ko masuot pero now nagagamit ko na. Dami na rin nkapansin sa and effective po. Thank u slimina!

April Fria Ejar

DATE: Oct 19, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! am here again! i had my testi last July.. to recap.. i was 185 pounds before down to 135 pounds..quite amazing right? cant help but compared the OLD me to NEW me.. now 135 pounds down to 130 pounds.. am now closer to my ideal weight.. time frame is to reach 119 this December.. nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with the help of this heavenly sent pills.. Goodluck my MP family for having SP.. =)

WITHHELD), United Arab Emirates

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