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PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus and Tationil Glutathione injection


​I started using Beauoxi for health reasons but im also aware that it can cause skin whitening as its side effect if taken in high dose. After a few months of use, I started to noticed that my skin is better and lighter. Its like im glowing and I love it. In short, Im happy with the results of your BeauOxi White Plus and Now that im using Tationil, my skin now more healthier and whiter. I attached my before and after photos as proof. Thank you Magic Potions.

Lorie Foronda



I am a black South African living in the united kingdom and recomend anyone who wants to have lighter, soft and pimple free skin to use magic potion products. I am using BEAUOXI WHITE USA capsules, placenta night whitening cream is very good for the face (no black heads) and the fatloss ZHEN DE SHOU capsules have helped me lose 6kg so far. I had been going to the gym for 8 months and never lost weight or gained weight but these capsules have worked wonders.I am 2 dress sizes down (from 16-12) after 2 months and my boyfriend is loving it. i look beautiful ,feel sexy and i hardly wear makeup.these products are a God sent try them and you won't have any regrets. thank you guys, you do know how much my confidance has improved i can now wear short skirts unlike before. GOD bless you all, your loyal customer Audrey.

Audrey Chikomba, United Kingdom

DATE: October 18, 2011



​hello my name is manuella. I found the magic potions website accidently while surfing the internet I have already use a lot of bleaching products before but no satisfying results. I want to have a lighter skin for a long time. I tried Beauoxi White Plus Glutathione and it changed my life. I was amazed of the result of this wonderful product. I also use kojic soap and the placenta mask. My skin is improving and getting lighter week by week. thank you again

Manuella Yameundjeu, France Paris



I had a friend purchase 2 bottles of 2 bottles of BeauOxi White Premium Brand sometime early this year. I have spoke to the distributor on the phone while I was in NewYork. I wish to replenish my supply. I had initially been using Dr. Ishigaki but since I started Beauoxi White Plus, I have seen the results very fast. I am in Tampa now and I wish to order. How sure am I that delivery/shipment is guaranteed when I have sent you my money through your authorized channels? Thank you. And please get back to me as I need to know.

Joy Ann, Tamba Bay, Florida, USA

DATE: July 4, 2011



​I am an Ilocana so no wonder If I don't have a fair skin, Ilocana are well known to have "MAITIM NA SIKO at TUHOD" yan ang trade mark hehehe one time when I visited in manila way back, maybe 2 years ago they told me that " Kaya pala maitim siko mo ILOKANO ka pala" hmmmm that hurts, but it's true kaya I'm always wearing 3/4 sleeves. My second genetic problem is my painful acne that makes my self esteem LOW! I'm always wearing a full coverage make up and it is so tiring to apply make up everyday, but still, my acne and acne marks are visible.

Ever since I was young, I dream of having fairer and flawless skin, like celebrities, they can wear any dress or swimsuit.At my young age I tried all kinds of products, like whitening papaya soaps, papaya lotions and creams. I'm always updated with new whitening product advertised on the TV, but all products that I've tried make my acne worse and more painful.

Now, I am so thankful to Magic potions because they have the best products, like BeauOxi White Plus 5in1, Angel Placenta Whitening Night Cream, Angel Placenta Whitening Day Cream and Kojic Soap. You really changed my life Magic potions thank you so much!

I just started taking my third bottle BeauOxi White Plus and see the difference between my before and after pictures, nothing to explain. I am so satisfied and now confident to wear anything I want! Whether it's beach outing or party scene hehehhe...

Since I started using Magic Potions products a lot of my friends noticed that I look younger than before! Hahaha! On several occasions, some guys thought I was just 20 years old hahaha but the truth is I'm already 28 years old. Lucky me! Now, I'm very confident and happy. They always ask me what is my secret, and this made me think to start a business....

I am so lucky to have found you, Magic Potions; you get rid of my "MAITIM NA SIKO AT TUHOD", MY GENETIC ACNE AND MOST ESPECIALLY BOOST MY SELF ESTEEM. Now I'm always ready to go because of my head to toe flawless look without any make up.


Rona Rumbaoa, Philippines

DATE: June 14, 2008

PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus 5 in 1, Angel Day Cream, Kojic Soap


​My skin is not too dark but I still want to have a whiter and pimple free skin. I started using BeauOxi White Plus USA, Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap since January last year because i have pimple marks and blemishes on my face. I'm taking the glutathione capsules (BeauOxi White Plus USA) twice a day, during morning and evening before bed time and after 3 weeks of taking it, I noticed that there's already an improvement in my skin. With the help of other products like the Angel Placenta Day Cream and Kojic Soap, I noticed that I'm starting to have a whiter complexion than before plus my skin is now smoother. Month of June last year, I also tried to use the Tationil, injectable glutathione. That also gave a positive effect on my skin.

Because of the good results in my skin, I feel comfortable and confident. I'm very happy and satisfied with the results. I'm much confident now. Even my friends are asking me what I did to have a whiter and radiant skin. Haha. At the back of my mind, I feel very pretty. They are even asking me if I'm taking anything. I told them that I'm taking BeauOxi White Glutathione. They were very surprised. I know some of them are also taking glutathione (different brand) for almost 6 months now, but they are starting to become frustrated that there's still no effect on them. They were even telling me to try to switch to that brand because it's cheaper, But I‘m afraid that it might be fake and its not BFAD registered/approved plus the fact that it has no effect to them. I'm also afraid of trying some products that might not give real results or damage my health specially my skin. I just told them that I'll stick to what I'm using now because it gave me an obvious effect in no time.

One more thing, I actually have asthma, but when I started taking Beauoxi White Glutathione , I noticed that I'm not having a hard time with it anymore.

I also want to commend Magic Potions for having a good customer service to clients like me. I didn't have any problems dealing business with them. Keep up the good work!

Mhay Lin, Novaliches, Q.C

DATE: October 23, 2006



​Now that I'm taking Glutathione I don't have to put blushons/makeups because my cheeks are rosy. Actually I don't have a problem with my skin color, I take glutathione because I have a liver problem. On my fourth month of taking glutathione to present, my pimple marks are all gone, my face is glowing, my cheeks are rosy (cool) and I feel so healthy. MAGIC POTIONS please give me a free gluta for this. :)

Evelyn, Pasay, Philippines

DATE: April 22, 2013

PRODUCT: Beauoxiwhite

I have tried different gluta capsule but all of them are ineffective and cause some negative side effects to me, until my boyfriend gave me a bottle of beauoxi white glutathione as his monthsary gift and i really love it, it really works, it made my skin fairer, soft and smooth, it repairs my uneven skin tone! thank u magic potions! I will surely refer this product to my friends. more power!!!!

Maria Rosanna Cosico

DATE: November 19, 2007



​I heard of Beauoxi White Plus USA glutathione a year ago from my bestfriend. As a mother of 3 kids where I just gave birth to my 3rd child, and where the expenses soared, I was never convinced to use glutathione.

Last September 2007, I noticed the glow of my bestfriend's skin... Her rosy cheeks, and very youthful looking. She told me that she has been using Beauoxi White Plus USA Glutathione since last year. When I tried it, it made me look younger and glowing after 2 weeks of taking the caps. Many of my friends and some clients noticed my clearer and whiter skin. Since Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and is really good for my health, I allot a budget for this. My friends and relatives shifted from other Glutathione brands. By using other Gluta brands, they experienced ulcer-like pains because of the appetite stimulating effect. They also gained weight. I maintained my weight by using Beauoxi White Plus. Also, many of my friends are now taking Beauoxi White, to get rid of their pimples, for whiter/youthful skin, and to have rosy cheeks.

I also tried 1 pack of Zhen de Shou. I like Zhen, no headaches, no loose bowels. I lost 10 lbs easily in 10 days at a very affordable price.

I have been dealing with Magic Potions, very professional, fast and reliable. I was a bit hesitant with our first major transaction because aside from our distance, we transacted only through the net and SMS. I dealt with them, whom I barely know. Yet they replied to all my queries 24/7, and only deliver authentic orders.

Jane Claire, Iligan City, Philippines




​I'm not fair gifted with clear smooth and fair skin especially. When I was a teen, like any normal teenager I started getting pimples, large pimples. It's really humiliating when you have at least 6 pimples at the same time and people look at them instead in my eyes when I talk to them. Worse is that these pimples leave black marks that takes months to disappear. I've tried all medication available in the market; creams, pills, astringent and soaps. I went to dermatologists but nothing improved the situation. I listen to commercials and hearsay saying that this is effective, that is effective and actually use them. That's how desperate I am. Nothing helped me until I started taking glutathione. It really improves my skin and complexion. I've been taking glutathione for years now and have tried a lot of brands but only BeauOxi White Plus give me the results that I really wanted and expected from what a glutathione can do. Now I've never been happier and more confident with how I look. I really thank beauoxi white and magic potions for helping I'm not exaggerating anything here and my friends can attest to this.

Albert, 25yo Manila, Philippines
Slimina Weight Loss Testimonials

DATE: MARCH 13, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi my name is J Young. I have been using Slimina weight loss capsules off and on for probably a year now. Every time I use them i really do lose weight. But as soon as I stop taking them I regain the weight back and this is my first time to ever make a testimonial. I am 38 years old now and I have always been concerned with my weight for the longest time. I turned 38 last December and in January I decided to take my life back again.. I am a theatre actor, dancer, choreographer and director. A life of a stage performer is not constant. So sometimes we have a lot of idle time. In these times is when I really gain weight because as soon as I stop moving I blow up. So when it's time for auditions my weight is not where it should be and I don't get the job because of it. So In January I decided to buy 1 bottle of Slimina. I know it works because I've used it before. I was 191.6 pounds when I started in January and now I am 181.11 pounds. I've lost 10.49 pounds already and this is with minimal or no exercise at all. My goal now is to lose another 5 to 10 lbs by the end of March and will be continuing taking Slimina Weight Loss Capsules and will get back in doing my aero and dance classes.I took my last capsule yesterday and I need to go to megamall tomorrow to purchase another bottle. I have attached my pictures from January to March. The ones with the star in the pictures is me. Its also marked numerically and each picture is time stamped. I also get myself weighed in in the electronic scale in mercury drug stores and I've attached a copy off the receipts that records the date and weight.Thanks and God bless


DATE: August 16, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Slimina (Weight Loss Capsules) is really safe and effective. I was 130lbs when i first used the product (please refer to my BEFORE picture). Though I have a heart condition, i still tried it because i really want to get slimmer. Ever since i used Slimina Weight Loss Capsules, I haven't experienced any complications so i guess that's a good thing, right? If you dont believe in this product, please look at my AFTER photo. For my 4 ft 10 inches height, I was once considered an overweight borderline obese type I but with the 'magic' of Slimina, I'm now in my ideal weight of 110lbs. Take note, I lost 20lbs without any exercise or any dieting involved. With Slimina Weight Loss Capsules, I can still eat ALL the food that I want without having to worry of gaining the extra pounds. Thank you Slimina for changing my life and giving me back my self-confidence! God bless!

Jo Marie Nel Garcia

DATE: August 18, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I never believe I can wear my old jeans back until I discovered slimina. I tried a lot slimming pills, slimming coffee and even online diet like what beyonce did but I still felt the cravings. Until I discovered Slimina when im searching for diet products online.

After giving birth to 4 kids every year my body increases and when i weighed in I was 68 kgs. II felt so desperate. I'm so happy I found Slimina. I lost 11 kgs after consuming 2 bottles.

I stop to take for month to found out if it rebound. So happy my eating habits is still the same. Next month I will take slimina again because I still need to lost a bit to get my ideal weight.

And it bring my confidence back... especially when many parents in my children's school asked me how I loose that quick. Thank you Slimina...


DATE: JULY 28, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​to all the girls and boys around the world who wanted to reduce weight,but dont have time to do some exercise,and no strength to refuse too much food.
dont think twice to try slimina diet pills. its amazingly effective. magic potions
(sliminaweightloss capsules)and stuffs are trusted. God Bless U,more power,and more success.


DATE: Jan 26, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi! This is my own experience using slimina.... Before I gave birth I weigh 82kgs. After I gave birth I weighed 78kgs. So I decided to lessen my food intake so that when I go back to work I will reach my target weight. Unfortunately months and months passed just loss 22lbs in 4 mos. And within that month I also take xenixal but nothing happened. Then my sister-in-law refer slimina slimming capsules to me for faster results. At first Im in doubt taking this pills because I thought it wouldn't work also. Then I take the risk, I try using slimina last week of November til last week of December. Before taking this I weigh 149lbs and I was not able to wear my old clothes I used to wear during office days and after 2 weeks of taking slimina the obsolete clothes I kept,I pull out in the closet and wear it again... and a month after I weigh again, to my surprise I weigh 130lbs. I am so happy seeing that figure on the weighing scale. Im so glad I took the risk taking this. And now I am planning to buy another bottle of slimina because I am preparing my body this coming has no side effects...swear... so, to everyone out there who want to lose weight, take SLIMINA SLIMMING CAPSULES now!!!! So, I want to say thank you to magic potion for making this product. It really helps people who want to lose weight and gain self confidence again. And for those who want to start a new life being healthy. Again, thank you. Attached herewith my before and after shot of taking slimina... God bless you all...


DATE: Jan 7, 2013

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Im so thankful i've found SLIMINA..I never thought that i can bring back my old body size, before my waist line was 24 then it went up to 29 because i gained weight because i love to eat. From 53kgs, now im 46 kgs, i lost 7 kilos after taking a bottle of slimina capsule. Now i am just maintaining it. And one thing i love about SLiMINA is that maganda ang glow ng skin ko unlinke other slimming products that u look haggard and tuyot.. And now Because of the good market of slimina , i am now selling it .. It dont only help me to lose weight at the same time kumikita pa ako. THANKS and MORE POWER to SLIMINA.

Jel Pineda

DATE: Nov 9, 2009

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I gained a lot during my pregnancy. And after 3 months from the delivery I still look heavy and I only lost weight a bit. So I tried Slimina if it will work for me and it did! I lost 11 lbs from taking Slimina for just 3 weeks. I can now wear my clothes when I were still single. My officemate noticed a big difference in my body and she also wants to loose weight without dieting and exercising. So she tried it during the time that I didn't see her. To my surprise she was blooming and sexier when I saw her! She also added that now she can wear her high school pants? :-) We are both very happy we've tried Slimina. I also tried different brands of diet pills and nothing compares with Slimina plus this will give you healthy looking skin. Thanks to the kind and prompt staff of Magic Potions. Easy, fast and no hassle transactions.


COLYN RODRIGUEZ, 28yo., Mandaluyong City

DATE: June 23, 2009

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I have lost 10 lbs in just 2 months. Thanks to taking SLIMINA Weight Loss Capsules which i bought at Magic Potions, St. Francis Square Mall last January of this year. The first thing I noticed when I started taking SLIMINA was that my appetite was reduced dramatically. Previously I was continually feeling hungry and was snacking between meals as well as eating much larger portions than I really needed.I found SLIMINA Weight Loss Capsules so easy to use, all I had to do is 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and thats it! I have now stop snacking and I am enjoying food when I have my main meals. Im having smaller portions and not just eating for the sake of it any more.

I am losing between 1-2 pounds a week!! As I was seeing the results that SLIMINA was providing I felt positive about eating more healthily. One thing I really like about SLIMINA is that on the odd occasions such as birthday parties or weddings I could have a bad couple of days but by taking SLIMINA it helped prevent further weight gain.

In order to reach my ideal weight of 100 lbs I still have 27 lbs still to loose and Im confident I can do it with SLIMINA . I feel really positive about my weight loss and have the confidence to carry on and achieve my target weight and help my health.


PHOEBE RAMOS, 27 years old, Quezon City

DATE: APR 02, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I'm ampie from quezon city, i am in the medical profession. a friend came in the clinic and asked me if slimina was alright to take or if it was safe. we examined the bottle and the box, there are no artificial ingredients in it and besides she did not have any pre-existing disease such as hypertension or thyroid disease, so i guess it was alright. then if it was effective, she will also recommend that i take it as well. i have been using the slimming capsule for 2 months now. honestly i did not take my weight before i used the capsule, my gauge of its effectiveness is through the pants and blouses that i wear. there was a big change in my wardrobe. i needed to buy new clothes because they were over-sized and it was not good to look at. i tried lots of slimming pills in the past even the recommendation of endocrinologists. it was not effective on me. one person should always consider one's body metabolism and reaction to each pill anyone is may not be as effective as the others. but this is to share that it was effective for me. thanks and more power to your product. i recommend this to my other colleagues.

AMPIE BAILON, Quezon City, Philippines

DATE: May 22, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Im 19 years old. Before i was trying hard working out at the gym just to lose weight, but nothing happened. Then i looked up in the internet and found SLIMINA SLIMMING PILLS, then i tried it. Im already using for 3 weeks, and lost almost 18lbs, SLIMINA SLIMMING PILLS + working out at the gym = SUPER WIGHT LOST.
IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE if you combined it with exercise. From 236lbs to 218lbs Be sure to drink lots of water for you not to get dizzy and dehydrated. THANKS SLIMINA!




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