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Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Combo

Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Combo
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Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Combo

1 Hair Growth Spray 60ml
1 Hair Growth Capsules 30caps 

Hair and scalp supplement for hair growth
Restrains Hair Loss, Promotes Hair Regrowth

-- 100% Herbal
-- No Side Effects 
-- Mild 
-- Safe  
-- No Toxin 
-- No Skin Sting

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Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray is formulated with active ingredients of purely natural herbs under High technical bioengineering, through extracting active ingredient in effect among those herbs. This product has its unique and precise prescription, dainty raw material and perfect craftwork. That not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials.

Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray is mainly used for hair loss control, hair growth promotion, hair growth cell cultivating and follicle environment improving; it could also help you in improving blood circulation on scalp, increasing hair elasticity, mending hair quality and removing dirt on sebum of pores thoroughly.

Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray is effective to all kinds of hair-loss, alopecia areata,  alopecia totalis , seborrheic alopecia, hybrid alopecia, postpartum alopecia and Chemical alopecia.  It is the most effective herbal hair growth product.

It is 100% pure herbal, no side effect, mild, safe and free of any toxicity and skin sting.

Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Capsule is made of the refined active ingredients extracted from the natural herbal plant Mulberry, which is safe and free of any side effects. Functional tests prove that Mulberry can inhibit the formation of DHT. After taking this product, most Seborrheic alopecia patients got new hair growth in the scalps where the hair lost.
The product also contains Bunge Auriculate, Liquorices, Safflower and Imperata Cylindrica which are beneficial to hair and scalp. 
Bunge Auriculate and Liquorices are known to help in hair loss while Safflower and Imperata Cylindrica helps in hair growth and improving metabolism.


Ginseng Extract
Angelica Extract
Polygonum Multiflorum Extract 


Mulberry, Bunge Auriculate Root, Liquorices, Safflower, Imperata Cylindrica, Eclipta Prostrata

For Hairspray:  

1.  This product is for external use only.
2. This product can only be used on the scalp.
3. Keep it away from eyes.
4. If eye contact occurs wash your eyes with clean water. If serious, please consult doctors.
5. Keep it away from children and for external use only.
6. If you have sensitive skin, perform skin test first by spraying small amount of this product at the back of your hand.

Storage:  Store in shady, dry and cool area.

Precaution:  Not applicable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


1. Twice per day (once at morning and once at evening), 1ml/time (spray 5-6 times) or depends on the symptom.

2. Keep your hair and scalp dry before use. Apply on the surface of bald scalp.

3. Use it continuously (for 3 months, no interruption during treatment.)


One capsule, once a day.

Storage: Kept in cool and shaded area

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