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Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray

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Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray
Effective and Safe Hair Grower 60ml


✓ 100% Herbal
✓ Mild
✓ Safe
✓ No Side Effects
✓ No Toxin
✓ No Skin Sting


Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Combo
Effective and Safe Hair Grower 60ml

✓ 100% Herbal
✓ Mild
✓ Safe
✓ No Side Effects
✓ No Toxin
✓ No Skin Sting

Thinning hair may not be the best experience to go through, especially when you’re fond of having lots of it. Revive your hair with the help of the Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Combo.

✓ Hair loss control
✓ Hair growth promotion
✓ Hair growth cell cultivation
✓ Hair follicle environment improvement
✓ Improvement of blood circulation on scalp
✓ Increases hair elasticity
✓ Mends hair quality
✓ Removes dirt on sebum of pores thoroughly



Twice per day (once at morning and once at evening), 1ml/time (spray 5-6 times) or depending on the symptom.
Keep your hair and scalp dry before use. Apply on the surface of bald scalp
Use it continuously (one box for 3 months, no interruption during treatment)


Mulberry Extract
– Helps make your hair healthier
– Rejuvenates hair follicles

Ginseng Extract
– Stimulates scalp
– Helps grow hair

Angelica Extract
– Prevents hair fall problems
– Rich source of calcium, which is necessary to prevent brittleness of hair
– Boosts circulation of blood to the scalp
– Nourishes hair follicles

Polygonum Multiflorum Extract
– Promotes the growth of terminal hair
– Restores hair color

Other Ingredients:
Bunge Auriculate, Liquorices, Safflower and Imperata Cylindrica


Important Reminders

Important Reminder:
This product is for external use only.
This product can only be used on the scalp.
Keep it away from eyes.
If eye contact occurs wash your eyes with clean water. If serious, please consult doctors.
Keep it away from children and for external use only.
If you have sensitive skin, perform skin test first by spraying small amount of this product at the back of your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hair loss does Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray treats?
Rejuvenomix Herbal Hair Growth Spray is effective to all kinds of hair-loss, alopecia areata,  alopecia totalis , seborrheic alopecia, hybrid alopecia, postpartum alopecia and chemical alopecia.  It is the most effective herbal hair growth product.

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    Thank you for this product. I’m regaining my hair and confidence.

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